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I’ve been on a journey to simplify my life for the past year. It’s been a SLOW, sometimes painful, but rewarding experience. I have a long road ahead of me still, but I get closer every time I release myself of more possessions that just aren’t serving me. I want to go as far as to call it my journey to minimalism, but for some reason, I can’t quite call it that. For me, it’s a journey to simpleism. I want to live with a curated collection of pieces I love, of pieces that are not only useful but built to last. I’ve been debating giving you all a glimpse into what that journey looks like, but haven’t yet pulled the trigger.

Anyway, that’s a long rant to say that somehow I landed, and I have no idea how I got down this rabbit hole, on a concept of living called “all inclusive coliving” by Ollie Design. They define it as, “providing efficiently designed studios and shared suites wrapped in a bundle of hotel-like services and communal living that promises to make life better — more affordable, more convenient, and more fun — than Craigslist and the pressurized walls of yesteryear.” Chris and I have always talked about owning an apartment in the city and I tell you what if we could materialize that dream I’d be getting a place here because guess what?!They are opening in Pittsburgh!!! I know!! How cool is that? Check this out you guys – CLICK HERE.

This is the video I stumbled upon that made me dig deeper into the company. Maybe I’m really late to the news here, but regardless I thought it was pretty cool and wanted to share.





Sundays are a great days to start planning how you will fill up your week/end dance card! And I have a new fun place in Pittsburgh for you to add to a fun night of festivities! HOWL AT THE MOON | PITTSBURGH. (click on the name to access the site!)

Howl at the Moon is located at 125 7th Avenue  right next door to one of my favorite places to stop for pizza and beer  before a show – Proper. As you all know the sister had a beautiful baby girl back in February and that little nugget has been bringing us so much happiness and fun times, but sometimes a momma needs a little night out on the town. So when Howl at the Moon offered us a sneak peak at the new venue and an opportunity to have a ladies night out we were all over it like cheese on a sandwich! So we put on some makeup, threw on some clothes, prepped dad with all the baby goods and headed out for an evening of fun!

After a quick drive downtown we found a parking garage right across the street and headed on over. The staff was incredibly friendly, the beer selection was great (bells two hearted, new holland dragons milk and founders porter make an appearance on the menu) and if you are a fruity drink lover there are plenty of specialty cocktails to choose from. The cocktails are served in various sizes of containers to include the large, das boot like vessel you see the sister with above and also a bucket with straws to share! We settled in along the front windows which allowed for some great people watching, both inside and outside of the venue, and listened to the band perform familiar and sing along worthy tunes. We had a fabulous time! I’ve already promised a few friends a visit again soon.

So go on,  dust off your night out clothes from this winters hibernation and head on down to Howl at the Moon! Also check out their website – It looks like you can win a party which would be a great time! Just remember to invite me!

If you end up paying them a visit post a pic on instagram and use #howlatthemoonpgh so I know you made it!







“Not all those who wander are lost.” J. R. R. Tolkien
As the last of winter melts and my bones begin to thaw I can feel the change in the air. I took March to turn in, tune out and do a bit of searching (more on that in another post). And now I’m ready for adventure. Lot’s of adventure.

So what’s this wandering all about? Glad you asked. The sister and I have been brainstorming – a lot. And this just happens to be the outcome of one of those many sessions. As the first signs of spring started to pop up around us and come to life we yearned to follow suit. We have been making a list of staycations, day trips, adventures, many firsts for little miss and fun times for all. We wanted a way to document it and to share our ideas with others and so the hashtag was born.

Tomorrow we set off on our first adventure. We were asked to attend the opening of a new and exciting pittsburgh hang out and we couldn’t be more ready. Tomorrow we HOWL! (hint. hint.) You’ll have to stop back for details on our girls night out – the first for the sister since having the babe.

You can follow along with us on instagram HERE AND HERE or search #allwhowanderpgh

See you around!









Words will never describe the how deeply touched and honored I was to be a part of such a special and joyous day! Thank you to my sister and her husband for letting me be there on the day their family became three!Sweet baby Olive was born on 2/7/2015 at 3:04pm at West Penn Hospital in Pennsylvania. She weighed in at 6 pounds 9 ounces and 19.5 inches long!
I’m officially Auntie Rae




I’m still chugging my way through photos when I can after work. I recently heard the Jim Gaffigan skit on photos and it cracked me up because I’m pretty sure my computers inability to function is due to the unbelievable amount of photos I have accumulated and not shared!! But I keep organizing and posting little by little. Don’t fret friends and family your memories are not lost!

I thought it would be fun to share a few from another show I attended for Under the Covers at the Deadhorse Cantina back in December. I have a lot to learn about low light photography. It’s a totally different beast! I tell you what…I don’t know how they do it. I give photographers a double high five for all the work they do! They are real rock stars.

When we were looking for a wedding photographer I had the best time looking through images from all of the talented pittsburgh photographers on the web. As I’ve mentioned before, we got lucky to be the last wedding for Sarah Chillson before she transitioned into the amazing boudoir photographer she has become. I posted some of our engagement photos HERE. I’ll have to share some images from our wedding! I just realized I never did that.




If you don’t know this about me yet then shame on me. I LOVE to craft. I’m head over heels in love with crafting. And by crafting I mean making things. Anything. Crafting gives me the thrill found on the horseless merry go round at the park. You know that one where you would perch yourself close to the edge and hold on for your life and it spun around and around… When I’m making things I’m in my most happiest of places.

Bath products are one of those things I love to make. My mom (aka mum) and I have been making soap for 14 years. (HOLY COW! That’s the first time I’ve ever done that math.) We took a soap making class back in 2000 and we never looked back. Recently we have been having fun with other products as well. We started with a calendula infused oil. Calendula is a magical little petal. Once the oil was ready we turned it into an all purpose healing salve. It was a bit of trial and error the first go around. We ended up with a very soft product that we were afraid wouldn’t hold up well. After a little time back at the drawing board we came up with a consistency we both could get down with and I love it.

Next up was a belly butter for my baby sister’s growing baby bump! We had such a good time making that we decided to tackle a whole lot more and turned out little lotion baby shower favors! I made little labels for the packages too. I feel like it made them look more legit! I’m pretty sure they were a hit. At least I know they were with my sister’s best friend. She’s already requested a refill.

Bath products are some of my favorite things to make. I get lost in the process and in the smells. I’ve always loved knowing what ingredients are in the products I’m using and giving to my friends and family. It’s also special to take it a step further and craft it with your own two (or in this case four) hands. Plus it’s a really fun thing to do with my mum!




I’m in the holiday spirit! As a follow-up to my Pittsburgh gift guide, I thought it only appropriate to do a gift guide that focuses on the food and drinks of Pittsburgh. I did, however, choose to leave out beer. I feel like these days that topic requires its own write-up. Hopefully I’ll keep up my momentum and I’ll follow-up here soon with all the fun list of local beers, from right here in the burgh, you can gift to your friends and family!

It is no surprise that the hubs and I really like to cook, eat and drink. (Have you seen his instagram?) So much so that I have a list on the fridge of all the amazing Pittsburgh restaurants we plan to visit. We’ve started crossing a few off the list and so far we haven’t been disappointed. Maybe I should do a list of all of them at some point and a little review or two. What do you think?

Anyway…back to the topic at hand…the goodies. I love to give gift baskets. One may even consider it one of my special talents! And what better way to give a basket of goodies than one filled with all the deliciousness that is made or sold by local businesses! Do you see a trend here! This is by no means a complete list, but it sure is some good ones! I’m all about learning new things too so if I missed something really special I want to know!

Maybe, if I can get it together, I’ll actually take a picture or two of some of my favorite gift baskets to give! And side note: if you are looking for a fun “experience gift” to give someone, last year my sister gave us all wigle whiskey tour tickets and arranged for a day to all go together and have dinner. It was a great memory and one I’ll cherish forever. CLICK HERE for tour info.

where to find them  //  1. Wigle Whiskey , 2. Pittsburgh Popcorn , 3.  Mancini’s Bread   4. Fortunes Coffee 5.  Parma Sausage   6. Miller’s Mustard 7.   Gaby et Jules, 8.  Penn Mac







Today I have come to terms with the fact that I’m just not good at uploading things…ANYTHING. I’ve got the documenting phase down. Yep… I’m good there. I snap the photos or make sure I ask someone to, I create the mood boards and design files and then they get buried deep in the mess I have on my laptop. So now here I am heading into the new year attempting, yet again, to tackle this mess and to create a new habit. They say it takes what…about 21 days or 66 days or something to form a new habit? hum…

With that out of the way, today I post a sprinkling of my engagement photos shot back in January of 2013. Good grief. Do you see what I mean? That was almost two years ago! Although it feels like only yesterday.  As for the shoot, we kept it local at Raccoon State Park, our backyard and our living room.


PHOTOS BY // Sarah Chillson (Go check her out – Sarah is a phenomenal documentary photographer and does the most heart thumping boudoir sessions).





How about a little holiday gift guide? A Pittsburgh gift guide to be exact! I decided to focus on items made or sold right here in Pittsburgh, PA. Buy local, friends. There are incredible people creating unique and amazing items right under our noses. Supporting local artists is a sure-fire way to give a gift made with love and dedication while supporting the dreams of small business owners!

Do you have a favorite locally made item? Let me know about it!

where to find them  //  1. Eometrie , 2. Moop , 3. Steel City Cotton Works, 4. Studebaker Metals, 5. Redraven Studio




People have way more confidence in my photo taking skills than I do! I had the pleasure of being asked to take pictures for Under the Covers this summer and I had a great time doing it. I’m no pro, but I sure do love snapping! Once I get through the 500 or so I took I’ll share a few more!

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