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My guess is I’m pretty late to the ball game on sharing this, but in the event that you haven’t heard this little trick you’ll be happy I did. Maybe you can relate here. I always have great intentions to cover my food before it goes into the microwave, but sometimes (most times) it’s just an extra step I don’t want to take. I am, after all, microwaving something so I’m looking for a quick, convenient route and that paper towel just feels like so much work. And let’s face it…even when I do remember to cover my dish the paper towel often rotates it’s way right to the back of the microwave rendering itself useless. So I’m left with an awesome explosion of bubbly goodness all over the inside. And more often than not, the bubbly splatter is chili which manages to harden into cement that no amount of elbow grease and scrubbing seems to remove. That is until it meets the ol’ vinegar, lemon, steam trick. It’s as easy as 1,2….5.

what you need:

• vinegar
• water
• slice of lemon, lemon juice or essential oil
• microwaveable mug or container
• rag or sponge

what to do:

• fill your container with about 1 cup of water
• add about a 1/4 of a cup of vinegar
• squeeze in the juice of a lemon wedge or add a squeeze of lemon juice or add in a few drops of essential oil (you can use lemon, but I’ve also used grapefruit or peppermint)
• place the container in the microwave and turn it on for 5 min.

(Note: the liquid will boil. Always use a microwave safe container. If you are afraid your container will break you can add a wooden stirrer or wooden toothpick to the container. I’ve never had a container bust on me, but better safe!)

• After the 5 min. is up I wait 1 minute before opening the microwave. Be careful removing your container (don’t toss that liquid just yet – see side note below)
• Remove the turntable and give it a clean in the sink and then wipe down the inside of the microwave. If you have a particularly stubborn spot you can dip your rag or sponge in the heated vinegar solution to assist in getting off the grunge, but typically a quick wipe is all it takes!

Side Note – Don’t just toss that warm vinegar either!! I try to do a little double duty here. If you have a garbage disposal toss a little baking soda down that puppy before pouring the vinegar down the drain. It creates a volcano of cleaning goodness. (I’ve read places that baking soda, in this application, doesn’t really do anything, but I swear by it. I think it keeps my disposal in a non stinking, clean condition!) Then just run a little warm water and turn on the disposal. AND DONE!

In retrospect I should have taken a before picture too. It reminded me of the old school turntable splatter art.





It’s finally here…the mr. and mrs. chair sign tutorial. Remember this post ! This has become my most requested tutorial! I hope you enjoy. If you make your own be sure to let me know! I’d love to hear the outcome.

what you need:

• spray adhesive (I used Elmer’s, but there are others that would work just as well)
• gold acrylic paint (I used Martha Stewart’s 32103 Gold Multi-Surface Metallic acrylic craft paint)
• gold glitter (I used Marth Stewart glitter in smoky quartz)
• foam Sheets (I found these in the craft section near the felt. They are called Darice FOAMIES)
• scissors
• paint brush
• standard size hole punch (not pictured)
• template for chair sign (Click on link to the left and print on 11×17 paper – to have a cleaner finished product I suggest printing 2 copies)

• paper plate (this isn’t necessary, but makes clean up a cinch you could also use a piece of paper)
• gold eyelets – 10
• hammer
• clear coat



what to do:

• print the template and cut out each letter (I suggest printing two copies, 1 for the MR and 1 for the MRS)
• arrange your letters onto of the foam and cut out the letters (if you find it easier you can trace the letters first and then cut them out. The pen lines would be covered with paint and glitter in the end)
• Now we paint – this step probably isn’t necessary, but i felt like it made a cleaner, nicer end result. Paint each letter on both sides and the edges with the gold acrylic paint. I used two coats of paint allowing each coat to dry completely in between.
• Once the letters are dry I hole punched each one (use the image above to help with the placement of the holes)
• Here comes the fun part! I suggest doing this outside as it can get sticky! Lay down some newspaper and get out the spray adhesive. (Have your glitter ready and a paper plate to assist in clean up.)
• Start with the backs of each letter working individually and spray the letter down with the adhesive.  (my directions said to wait 3 minutes before binding, but I felt like that was too long for glitter. I waited approximately 30 seconds after spraying to apply glitter)
• Place the letter on the plate (or clean sheet of paper) and cover in glitter… be generous… use the pour spout on the glitter. Shake the letter allowing any excess glitter to accumulate on the plate. Fold the plate (or paper) into a v shape and transfer the unused glitter back to the glitter container.
• REPEAT with each letter back
• Follow the same steps above and REPEAT with each letter front – note that spray adhesive dries very quickly
• If you aren’t happy with the glitter coverage you can do another round of spray adhesive and glitter. (I was happy with one coat)
• At this point you can string them onto your gold ribbon or rope, but if you’re up for it I suggest a little additional work. It’s worth it!


what to do:

• You will already have the holes punched for the eyelet placement at this point
• start the video below at about 1:40 on how to set the eyelets


And now you’re just about done! At this point you can spray each letter with a clear coat spray, which I did and do think they have held up nice. I used Krylon Clear Coat which you can find HERE on Amazon.

The final step is to string the letters with ribbon or gold rope and hang them up.

These would be great not only for the back of the MR. & MRS. chairs, but how about stringing them together and then hanging on the wall above a dessert table or on the front door of the couples house before they return from their honeymoon!

I hope you enjoy this tutorial. If you have any questions feel free to post them in the comments!




If you don’t know this about me yet then shame on me. I LOVE to craft. I’m head over heels in love with crafting. And by crafting I mean making things. Anything. Crafting gives me the thrill found on the horseless merry go round at the park. You know that one where you would perch yourself close to the edge and hold on for your life and it spun around and around… When I’m making things I’m in my most happiest of places.

Bath products are one of those things I love to make. My mom (aka mum) and I have been making soap for 14 years. (HOLY COW! That’s the first time I’ve ever done that math.) We took a soap making class back in 2000 and we never looked back. Recently we have been having fun with other products as well. We started with a calendula infused oil. Calendula is a magical little petal. Once the oil was ready we turned it into an all purpose healing salve. It was a bit of trial and error the first go around. We ended up with a very soft product that we were afraid wouldn’t hold up well. After a little time back at the drawing board we came up with a consistency we both could get down with and I love it.

Next up was a belly butter for my baby sister’s growing baby bump! We had such a good time making that we decided to tackle a whole lot more and turned out little lotion baby shower favors! I made little labels for the packages too. I feel like it made them look more legit! I’m pretty sure they were a hit. At least I know they were with my sister’s best friend. She’s already requested a refill.

Bath products are some of my favorite things to make. I get lost in the process and in the smells. I’ve always loved knowing what ingredients are in the products I’m using and giving to my friends and family. It’s also special to take it a step further and craft it with your own two (or in this case four) hands. Plus it’s a really fun thing to do with my mum!




So to continue with my last theme of holiday cards I thought it would be appropriate, albeit very…very tardy, to post about our wedding invitations. It all came full circle today when I finally ordered my holiday cards. They have one of my favorite photos from our wedding on the front! OHHH… I love mail. There is something so exciting about seeing a hand addressed envelope in your mailbox. With this being the time of year for fun cards and packages I actually look forward to going to the mailbox! Now if I can just get them out before it’s all over! Here’s to hoping!

OK, back to the invitations.
I knew I wanted our wedding invitations to be special. I wanted to be a part of the process of making them and watching them come together. So after a lot of research and a lot of love, these were born. When I saw the stamps from Antiquaria and a DIY on how to emboss them in gold I was SOLD. So I purchased the Calligraphy Accent Invitation Stamp, the matching reply card and website card, along with this return address stamp and I was well on my way. The card stock, envelopes, gold insert cards and embossing powder are all from Paper Source. And then there is the RSVP card… I just think this card is so beautiful! The postcard and envelope liner (which is wrapping paper) are from Rifle Paper Co. They have the most beautiful products. I highly suggest you check them out if you haven’t already done so. So many great Christmas gifts!
And that’s it. Well… that’s it in that those are the products. Now I should warn you that this isn’t a project for the faint of heart, but it is totally worth it in the end. I could sit around making invitations like these all day long!

A special thank you to my good friend Amanda who was pivotal in helping get them all ready so that I could take them on a flight to Miami where I spent a few late nights in my hotel room packaging them up.

where to buy //   Antiquaria Design StudioPaper Source / Rifle Paper Co.




Here is another fun project I did for the wedding! Enjoy.

I had the best bridesmaids ever!!! I knew going into planning my wedding that most of the girls I was asking to be bridesmaids would rather choke on a shoe than participate in another wedding. They had endured enough over the years and so I wanted to let them know I was very appreciative! I wanted to make something unique and special for them for the wedding and had been seeing these bullet necklaces all over etsy. Unfortunately, I am always that person who says, “I can make that”… And so I did. I found the shell casings and ball chain on etsy and searched a local rock shop for all of the crystals. The boxes are from Michaels. I gave them a quick gold spray paint treatment and then created a little tag for the inside of each one! They turned out great and the girls loved them! They make a great gift. Is there someone who has had to bite the bullet for you lately? Maybe you should let them know you are thankful with a cute necklace!




Remember back in this post where I talked about the bathroom baskets… well here they are in all of their bathroom basket glory. So what is a bathroom basket? Consider it an emergency kit. It’s a basket packed full of toiletries for the guests at your event to use if they need anything. Kind of like calling the lobby of a hotel when you realize you forgot toothpaste!

I must say they must have been a hit!! The next day, as we were cleaning up, I went to retrieve the baskets and all most all of the contents were gone. I’m so glad our guests enjoyed them!

what was included:

• aerosol deodorant
• sunscreen
• bug spray
• lint roller
• tide to go pen
• lotion
• dental floss
• colgate wisps
• toothpicks (gents only)
• listerine strips
• altoids
• purell
• wipes
• tissues
• static guard
• contact solution
• cough drops, ibuprofen, tums, pepto-bismal, alka seltzer, anti-diarrheal, benadryl
• first aid kit (ladies) // bandaids (gents)
• baby powder (ladies) // gold bond (gents)
• visine (gents only)
• Nail Kit (ladies) // emery board and nail clippers (gents)
• sewing kit (ladies only)
• safety pins (ladies only)
• bobby pins (ladies only)
• hair spray (ladies only)
• clear nail polish (ladies only)
• tampons, panty liners, pads, always clean pads (ladies only)

This wasn’t a horribly expensive DIY for the wedding and I’m glad I did it. Since our wedding was in a backyard I wanted to make sure our guests had access to anything they might need. I think it is really those extra special touches that make guests feel at home!




Sometimes you just can’t always get what you want. I spotted these mr & mrs chairs signs on BHLDN’s website some months ago in the early stages of planning and I loved them. However, at a $49 price point they were a bit out of my reach. Sooo…. I made them. I don’t think they turned out bad at all. The only issue I’ve had so far is that they drop glitter all over the place and I wonder if the ones from BHLDN do the same. I’m going to spray them tonight with a clear coat in an attempt to keep them from glittering everything in their path. Not too bad if I do say so myself!

If you decide you want instructions let me know! I’d be happy to share the process! Have a great weekend!





Chris’ parents and his Aunt and Uncle, also known to me now as the Whittengale Brewing Company, are brewing beer for our wedding! How awesome is that?! They recently asked me if I wanted to add the labels to my to do list and I quickly accepted! We ordered the labels this week from bottle your brand and I’m so excited to see how they turn out. I designed two totally different labels and I’ll share the other one soon. I also finished up the bathroom baskets – what’s a bathroom basket you ask?! I may have taken it a bit overboard, but you’ll see very soon.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but I’m in the final stretch of the wedding planning. Thank goodness my sister is getting married so I can help her. Who is next? Turns out I love everything about planning weddings!






Introducing my latest DIY! Personalized stationary for my bridesmaids. I laughed out loud today when I decided to post this because I realized nothing is going to be a surprise for one very special person. I know she is probably the only one reading this! (Love you Motts)!! I’ll have to come up with something special for her gift bag!

I’ll post a DIY on how it’s done. I decided to create a corresponding set of stationary for each girl. I hope they love them.





WOW! Time is flying. I meant to post about this days ago, but somehow I never got around to it. My wedding to-do list seems to get added to every day. Shouldn’t I be checking items off at this point? I ordered the mason jars this week so mom and I will be preparing the jelly favors in the next month! I’ll be sure to get some photos and maybe even show a little of the process if I can. The jars should be here by Thursday. So tonight I’m dreaming up label ideas. Have you seen the “spread the love” idea? I love that, but I was thinking it might be fun to do something a little different. Any ideas? How about “jam packed with love”?

Ok back to the post. Remember the packaging I mentioned back in this post. Well here it finally is. Nothing fancy, but I thought it would be fun to pull together and it was. In retrospect it would have done better on a thicker card stock, because as you can tell in the photo the hair ties make the paper curl. But these are just gifts and I know the recipients won’t mind a little curling action.


The ones shown above are for the bridesmaids. I thought it was fun that it went with the coral theme! I have a bazillion others I’ll be giving as gifts to friends and family so if you have a birthday coming up… surprise! haha. Also, I mentioned that I had writeen a poem. Well….I debated sharing the poem because I wasn’t sure everyone would find it as funny as I did, but what the heck. Here it is.


All in all I was pretty happy with the final product and I think the girls will love them. Another goodie for their bridesmaids bag!

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