Have you ever heard someone claim a book “found them” or that it, “jumped off the shelf” and changed the course of their life forever? It’s not that I didn’t believe it was possible (I can get down with a bit of synchronicity). It was more because it had never happened to me – until now.

This book didn’t exactly jump off the shelf, but I do believe it found me. It all began when I started seeing these posts about these OOLAGuys, Dave Braun and Troy Amdahl, popping up all around me. I didn’t even know what it was, but on the surface, I thought it was something I should explore. So I signed up for an OOLA challenge and got my first taste.

Moment of truth. I didn’t complete not one challenge they sent. NOPE. Not one. Not because I didn’t want to. Not because I thought I wouldn’t get anything from it. Simply because I had all the intention, but no follow through. I’m an ideas girl, but in the execution arena, I get a big fat F. So when I saw they were looking for bloggers to read and review their latest book I jumped at the opportunity. I NEVER thought I’d get selected, but I did and it was exactly the push I needed.

We weren’t yet wheels up and I was already nose deep in my copy Oola for Women. Three hours later I landed in Denver, over halfway through the book and I already knew I had found something special.
Every time I opened the book I found myself more and more drawn into it.

So what is this book all about?

It’s about finding freedom, purpose and fulfilling your dreams. It’s about creating a balanced life, an extraordinary life – the life you are meant to live. As women, we can often fall victim to the grind. The time blocks on our calendar quickly fill with everyone else’s agenda leaving little to no time to write our story. Sure we are proud to be mothers, business women, wives, partners, friends, colleagues, but we aren’t defined by these titles. We are layered and complex and we dream big. Yet somehow many of us, myself included, lose sight of those dreams. We start to put others dreams before ours saving our dreams for tomorrow. But why wait?

This book will serve as your cheerleader, your guidebook, your motivation. It will challenge you to dig deep, to peel back layers, to face your fears, to uncover areas of growth and areas you should give yourself some grace. You’ll feel connected and empowered by the shared stories of the women you find within its pages. You’ll laugh, you might cry, but you’ll know its time to make a change.

What did I learn?

I could use some major growth and definitely find some balance in all 7 F’s of OOLA (Fitness, Finance, Family, Field, Faith, Friends, and Fun).

Where am I?

    • Fitness – I love yoga and I often lie to myself and tell myself I don’t have enough time to do it. Sure I do. I just need to spend 20 fewer minutes in the social media rabbit hole a day and BOOM! YOGA time.
    • Finance – Two words: Retail Therapy. Yep. Gotta put a stop to that.
    • Family – I need to make more time to be present, not just in body, but in mind while I’m with my family.
    • Field – (insert monkey covering eyes emoji here)
    • Faith – I’m in the interesting dance with my faith right now. I think I’m trying to lead still…
    • Friends – I’ve been struggling in this category. It’s a good thing my girlfriends love me and understand me because I’ve been a pretty lousy friend recently.
    • Fun – I look forward to a balanced life where my fitness, family, field, faith and friends are all a part of my fun plan!

And that’s just a sprinkling. I’ve got some real soul searching to do in each category too, but I just wanted to give you a sampling. And now I’m armed with my notecard of must-do’s and I’m finally taking actionable steps to manifesting the life of MY dreams.

Ladies if any of this resonates with you then you need to read this book. Join me on my quest to live the Oola lifestyle!!! Let’s do this!

Order your copy of Oola for Women on AMAZON (CLICK HERE) or Barnes and Noble (CLICK HERE) RIGHT NOW!! Then come back and tell me what are your dreams for life and what is your first step towards making it happen?


  • Karianne Boring

    Absolutely loved this!!! I need to get my hands on this book right away — I could definitely use a little ( okay, a LOT ) of help in all 7 of those OOLA F’s. Thanks for this!!!

    • the name is rae

      It was so interesting for me to really take a good hard look at my 7 F’s. It really forced me to dig and not give myself the option to make an excuse for a certain area because, but instead just accept that it needs growth and vow to work to make it better. i can’t wait for you to read it!!!

  • Erin Reibold

    I just ordered the book based on your blog comments! Yay!

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