Master Bathroom

I am no design/mood board master, but putting these together helps me wrap my brain around how things that I might want for the remodel will play together. This particular board is the master bath and I’m pretty happy with the way it is shaping up! I keep going back and forth between silver and brass fixtures, but for now this is where we are with it.

I like trying to mix up textures and patterns and a little vintage, modern and traditional where I can. The latest conversations in the house are on what we do with the vanity – open shelves or drawers. What we know for sure is that even though everyone is doing it I think we are pretty set on subway tile and penny tile. Though we may go with the square subway and take it to the floor… hum. So many options.
Any suggestions?

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  • Karianne

    “oooooo…” and “AHHHH…” ! This is all really beautiful, timeless and makes such a statement without even trying hard! I’m partial to the brass fixtures you have shown, but I’m sure silver would look beautiful next to all the white!
    As far as shelving goes, my vote is on drawers/doors, for a few reasons- though open is pretty, and you can play around with fun baskets and such…its a lot more upkeep to keep it looking pretty! Not to mention, when you have some little bebes crawling around pulling on everything, you may find those shelves bare and all your essentials up high on a shelf 😆
    Okay, my 10 cents for the day. As you were….

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