Master Bath Inspiration
Choosing materials in our master bath renovation feels like deciding on a tattoo. It’s so permanent and expensive if you want to start over or if twenty years later they have decided to pejoratively refer to you your lower back tattoo a tramp stamp. (I just typed a twenty minute rant here and then deleted it. You can thank me later.)

I’m eating, dreaming, sleeping, walking and wishing all things upstairs renovation. Some nights my dreams are so realistic I wake up thinking it may have actually happened. At this point I’m almost afraid that I’ll wake up having taken a sledge hammer to the wall. Which I’ll of course blame on sleep walking or zombie sleep or some sort of sleep takeover that I have no control over. (I’ve been known to take on random renovation projects mid week out of nowhere when the hubs is away… now.. to just get him out of the house.)

As with each home renovation project, one spends probably 30 times longer than the actual renovation will take to execute researching and pinning and finding inspiration all over the internet. Rabbit hole after rabbit hole. But this time I noticed a serious trend in my pinning. I might have a serious interior design love affair with Amber Interiors. I want to put everything she does in my purse. Ahhh maaayyyyy zahhhh hiiinnng. I literally sit in front of my computer oohing and ahhing. So if any of you are looking for a Christmas present for me let me just help you out. She does e-decor. BOOM! I’d love to have the entire house done, but I’d settle on a room or a corner of a room.

So without further ado here are a few of the bathrooms I’ve been drooling over. Want to see more of my bathroom inspiration? Head on over to my bathroom Pinterest board.

image sources  //  1. Amber Interiors , 2. My Domaine , 3.  Sarah Sherman Samuel  4. Amber Interiors


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